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If you enjoyed The Very Naughty Puppy book
you will love this Coloring and Activity Book!

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Available at
in Paperback 

Continue the fun with Cody by enjoying a variety of activities.
The Very Naughy Puppy Coloring and Activity Book includes:
Connect the Dots, Coloring pages, Mazes, Crosswords, Word Searches and More!

Available at
in Paperback & Kindle
$10.99 & $4.99
Available at
in Paperback & Kindle
$10.99 & $4.99
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The Very Naughty Puppy

“Oh No! Naughty Puppy!”


This funny and easy-to-read children's story is based on the author's own family dog.

When Cody leaves MaeDay Animal Rescue to stay with a foster family, he can’t wait to join in the f
un. But Cody is only a puppy, and his adventurous spirit keeps getting him into trouble.


The Very Naughty Puppy has become the new favorite children's book in our family library.  I love that the story teaches the importance of patience with a new furry friend. The association with MaeAday Animal Rescue, a REAL organization based in LA, is wonderful!


The Naughty Puppy is a tale of a puppy's adoption to his forever home. The mishaps he gets into teaches about the unconditional love of his new family. A story to teach your children about forgiveness and love. The illustrations are colorful and will hold your child's attention.

—Greg Kidder

This is a charming, heart warming story about a puppy who gets in trouble. Even though he gets in trouble and runs away, he is still loved and wanted. Beautifully illustrated! Highly recommend!

—Christine Rychel

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